Exhibition view, Fondazione MAST, Bologna 2017


24 images and 30 texts displayed in shifting sequences on five screens, 12′ loop.


     In Ein Konzern, eine Stadt (Company Town), Eva Leitolf investigates aspects of the intimate relationship between the town of Wolfsburg and the carmaker Volkswagen. During a series of visits in 2015 she explored the town and the factory, met with present and former employees of Volkswagen and the town council, and studied the municipal and company archives. Over the course of the year she also read the two local newspapers on a daily basis, including the online readers’ comments.


     These explorations threw up questions as to how the town and the company handle aspects of their shared history, how past and current company policy affects urban social processes, and what this relationship can tell us about matters broader than the specifically local.


Created in cooperation with Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg for the exhibition Wolfsburg Unlimited (2016). 


12′ loop, timelapse simulation



Detail, images (selection)



Detail, texts (German version)